The Brave logo in pure CSS


I’ve created the Brave logo in pure CSS and before publishing the tutorial on my blog (friday morning), I wanted to know if there are some legal restrictions or if I should display some Copyright / trademark rules somewhere.
(I prefer asking first than have to deal with Brave’s lawyers ^^).

Thanks in advance for your reply!


Can anyone from Brave Software reply me, please?

More details about this CSS logo in the tutorial:

Hello @Tiko

is this allowed @Mattches

and have a nice day both of you

Thank you @justsomeone1 I’ve been waiting since 2 days for a reply from Brave.
I guess it’s allowed, otherwise, I’ll update my article, of course.

Have a nice day too :slight_smile:

you welcome and thanks :slight_smile:

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I love the project, very impressive! I reached out to ask and make sure it’s fine for you to use/post – will let you know if there are any stipulations but I think it should be okay :+1:

Hi Tiko - This usage of the logo is fine, especially since you have recreated it perfectly. : )

Please mention somewhere in the post that the logo is copyrighted by Brave and is used with Brave’s permission.

Brad Richter


Hi @brad
Thanks for your reply, I’ve updated my tutorial accordingly.

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As a front-end developer (at Brave), I appreciate your detailed blog post!


Wow thank you very much @petemill , I’m much honored with your comment!!

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