[Help] Restore wallet Brave Android mobile browser

I am having difficulty finding the option to restore Brave wallet in my Android mobile brave browser.
Can anybody tell me how to do that?


I don’t think a restore function is currently available on Android

But I don’t want to maintain a separate wallet for my Android browser. :frowning:

I would make a request this feature be added

Brave rewards on mobile is still beta. Many features are still missing. Use it cautiously. Do not (if this is possible at all) transfer real money!

I have been a Brave user for some years now. I know how buggy Brave can be at times. I would not transfer any real money even for Brave rewards on desktop installations. Unfortunately you cannot expect a quality anywhere near to Firefox or - yes - even Edge.

Brave is a very good idea and I support it. But I predict a very disastrous ending if Brave will not invest in Q&A asap. Many good projects have died because of this. I hope Brave will not be just another one of those projects.

One last thing: I know it is a very unpopular idea. I have been working as a system admin for almost two decades. I work with open source operating systems and open source programs of all sorts. Open source is a very good idea. However in real life my experience has been that way too many open source projects produce crappy programs. Bad coding, more bugs than working parts, crappy support (and I mean support you pay for) and most of all: UI designs that prove that way too many developers have never met any of their clients ever.

But let’s hope for the best regarding Brave and stay optimistic.

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