Re-verifying from Uphold to Gemini

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well today… Quick question…

I live in the US and have been verified with Uphold for close to a year i think but they are ADDING requirements for account verification; even accounts that have long been verified. Whatever, Im not tripping about that really since my accumulated brave rewards are stored in Uphold Im just gonna swap the BAT to another, low tx fee token, and get’em outta Uphold. But, I would then need to use Gemini, which I believe is fine… at least I havent heard anything indicating that I an unable to verify with it.

So, my question is, do I simply need to click the link “disconnect from Uphold” circled in green? And then, proceed with the verification process with Gemini? Hmmm, now Im wondering if Gemini has issued the same requirement for US users??

I appreciate you all! Im very grateful for your guys/gals help. :upside_down_face:

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Yes, once you disconnect from Uphold. You will be able to connect to Gemini if you’ve already done KYC / AML for Gemini account. Since new connections are allowed in Gemini I don’t find any reason to Brave not being able to connect.

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