The best way to clear out old verifications of the rewards. I want to connect uphold or gemini

Someone find a way to clear old verifications for the rewards in the browser. My mobile always connects to gemini but when it comes to my pc’s it never works

You need to give more details.
What does exactly “never works” mean?

Do you get any error message? Which message?
Is your PC browser set with the same country as the one registered in Gemini?
Are you using the latest release?

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What happens? Any errors?
Is it ‘Region Unsupported’?
If yes, then the ID you submitted for KYC / AML to Uphold isn’t from a region listed at

If region unsupported, then nothing can be done. Also Gemini new connections are allowed only in the US, if your laptop / PC was never connected to Gemini earlier then you won’t be able to connect to Gemini.

If the error says ‘Region Mismatch’
Then the problem is because when the rewards prompt asked you to select a region, you selected one which didn’t match with your ID.
You’ll have to reset Brave rewards and select the region which corresponds with the ID you submitted and this should be solved.

No guys, whether gemini or uphold i get the same message. " to many devices are verified" or something of that nature. I have tried each sub account in gemini and uphold over and over on my laptops and desktops. My mobile phone is the device that has connected to gemini rewards and i just do not understand why i can log out and back in the same gemini account with my phone but nothing else

there has to be somewhere in uphold and in gemini where all these verifications are accruing…i just want to know where to look so i can clear it out.

@SaltyBanana anything you can suggest?
For Uphold I know that there’s an integrations tab in the App settings in Uphold. There you can I guess remove Brave to do that

Just have to jump in here as Brave is giving out two sets of conflicting information with regard to verifying with Gemini. One person from Brave says that if you have a verified wallet with Gemini then even if you are not in the US you can re-verify no problem and another person says that if you become unverified for some reason or other then if your wallet was not created in the US you can not re-verify your verified Gemini wallet. So who is telling the truth? I am not able to re-verify my wallet and have been told that I am out of luck as I am in the Netherlands, now, I have been in touch with Gemini support and they have said that Brave is the problem not Gemini. Again, who is telling the truth and why are the rest of the world being told tough luck but the US is fine and dandy? I have been with Gemini since they first came onboard with Brave and now getting told that we don’t want you is what it feels like and that leaves a pretty sour taste in the mouth. So, again, who is telling the truth and who is not, that is the question?

Basically both are. They just missed the point that even if you were connected earlier, the buttons for Gemini will be greyed out I suppose. It’s for me even though I was connected earlier.

It’s actually from Gemini’s side itself. The support we usually talk to are not high up the chain to know everything. They’re basically like a call center employee thingy.

Buddy, it’s not only you. It’s been for many regions. I myself am from an unsupported region for Uphold and Gemini. So I do kinda emphathize with you about how this is, but maybe we should blame our governments, people in our region who commit fraud (if any). It all just complicates stuff for Brave and custodial partners.

I know I am not alone doesn’t mean that all of us aren’t being screwed over and lied to from both directions. This is going to cost Brave a lot of people world wide.

well I’m glad I’m not the only one pissed lol

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been trying everything for a while and no luck

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Screenshot of this would be nice. If it’s the device limit one, then it’s important to realize device limits were removed early last year. The only reason people get this notice now is because they are adding an unreasonable amount of devices. Such as people who might be adding 20+ (just an imaginary number for example, not legit limit) or so to their account, which is now beyond the purpose of what Brave is meant for and is instead someone trying to “farm” BAT.

As with all things related to Rewards, if you have an issue then you would need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at