Random website opens on startup

In the past couple of month, whenever I turn on my laptop and unlock it, the first thing that opens up is some random website in brave browser. I even tried to disable brave on startup, but no change. I still couldn’t understand the reason. It could be of great help if someone comes up with a solution.
I am using Brave Version 1.49.120 Chromium: 111.0.5563.64 (Official Build) (64-bit)
My laptop runs on Windows 11.

Try to disable all extensions to check if it is not one of them.

Do you have Brave as default browser? It could be another program opening random pages. Did you install anything new around the period when this started to happen?

And, the always present possibility, your pc could have been infected with malware. Try to run a full scan with your anti-virus or run an anti-malware tool.

The extensions that I have are touch VPN and Google translate, and I’m having it active for a long time.
Apart from edge, brave is the only browser that I’ve installed in my system and it is set as default browser.
At the time this problem happened, I didn’t install any application.
I don’t have any antivirus software except windows defender.

@Saravanakumar If it’s happening when you first turn on your laptop and isn’t just happening when you’re opening Brave, then it suggests you have adware (a type of malware) on your device. This is especially true if it’s a “random” website and it isn’t the same one. If it’s the same site each time, might be part of something you’ve installed.

In any case, I’d try to get Malwarebytes which I believe will let you have a free trial to scan and see if it picks up issues. At the same time, you may want to try to think back to anything you might have downloaded/installed for the couple months since you’ve been having issues.

You were right. I installed Malwarebytes and scanned my system. It detected a couple of adware and I noticed an adware from a particular software that reminded me that I just installed that software before this problem started. Now that I quarantined them, I tested my system by restarting it, and this time the browser didn’t open. It worked! Thank you so much for your help.

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