Random Turkish Casino tabs Up In Brower On Start Up

Random Website tabs about a Turkish Casino : I have experienced this a few time recently upon start up of brave where a windows for a Turkish Casino would open along with my tabs from a previous computer session. The confusing thing is that they open in a special window and also try to be as small as possible so you don’t notice.

I Need Help Here And Want To Know If This Is From Some Adware That Windows Hasn’t Found or if it is the Browser itself!

Brave Version 1.63.165

Operating System: Windows 11

Check you homepage in settings, if there is some url to some website. If it is OK there, check extensions, disable them everything you do not recognize, maybe all of them to see if the window is still opens.

I don’t know what happen but It seem to have stopped ever since this post. I didn’t do anything but it’s good that it was fixed.