Random browser blocking on Mac Os Chip M1


I downloaded Brave on my Mac Studio with the Version 1.39.111 Chromium: 102.0.5005.61 (Build officiel) (arm64)
I have randomly during my browsing browser freezes with a message to wait for the page to load or to quit. The only solution is to force to quit the browser by the finder.

I have installed and uninstalled properly but there is no change.

I specify that I downloaded from the official site of brave via the site.

Obviously, I am not the only user to encounter this problem on Mac for the version optimized for the M1.

It’s a very annoying problem on a daily basis.

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Without reveaing personal information, can you provide a few examples of the URL addresses for web pages that you have visited - while using Brave Browser for Mac?

So that a possiblity of the browser having some Web Compatibility problems, may be tested, here.



  • Do you have extensions installed?

  • Are you using a Brave Browser > New Window

  • Are you using a Brave Browser > New Private Window?

  • Are you using a Brave Browser > New Private Window with Tor?

  • Are you using a VPN?


You will help yourself, by studying how Brave Shields works . . . and thus, being prepared.


Shields v1 illustrations:


Shields v2 illustrations:


Your Brave Browser version 1.39.111 uses Shields v2 by default; but studying Shields v1, will also help you begin to get an idea of what is involved.

The Shields settings in general, are what can affect the performance of Brave Browser when connecting to some websites.

Be patient with yourself. Expect some trial and error, as you gain experience.


PS. You were kind to make the translation available for your Original Post (β€œOP”) above. Please let us know what is your language. That will help some of us translate, in return.

Thank you.


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Hello and thank you for your answer.

Concerning my navigation, there is no specific site I can give you because the problem was random during a navigation.
I am a web integrator and my job requires daily research for my resources.

For the moment, I do not observe any more anomaly. Is it because I reinstalled Monterey on my Mac Studio? I don’t know. I will come back to you if this problem resurfaces.

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