Question re: Country of origin of contributors

I want to use brave at my work. But my company is requiring me to get “cyber security approval” of the application, because brave is not a preapproved provider. I’m told i have to do my own research to determine whether it meets criteria.

One of the criteria is as follows: “Is the software headquartered in, developed in, controlled by, or supported by any of the restricted countries below? For open source software, you must review the origin of all contributors to the source code within the last 12 months. If any contributor has unknown origins, select yes to this question.”

The list appears to include all current communist and communist controlled countries and most former Soviet block countries. The list also includes both Koreas, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, and France.

Is that information available for the general public? Would there be a distinction between core development and translation activities?. Ironically, google chrome and firefox (open source) are approved.

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