Uhphold country

I cannot connect my brave creator account with uphold because a message tells me that my country is not compatible even though it is in your list.(see attached photo)
I contacted uphold, on their side there are no problems.
Brave tells me it’s a country problem when I recorded everything in France, sloppy answer, we don’t care about the problems.
So I’ll post until someone does their job seriously here.
See you tomorrow

@kikiwally I’m not sure what’s going on. I do see someone else also shared the same issue last week over at Brave Creator and Uphold Connect

I’ll tag @steeven over. Just so you know, they Brave staff doesn’t actively work on Brave Community over the weekend and you posted this at 4:54 AM on Saturday morning. So might be a couple days before anyone gets to you. Also, may as well get a little jump start on things. Can you go ahead and send a DM to Steeven with a link to this topic AND advising him of the email associated with your Creators account?

Also, as annoying as it may be, I’d also advise you send an email to publishers@basicattentiontoken.org with all the same information.

Hello I just sent an email to publishers too but I’m really starting to despair since no one can find the solution to my problem, I don’t think I’m the only one.
Have a good day

Hi @kikiwally, thanks for reporting, taking a look at this now.

@kikiwally can you confirm that the KYC documentation submitted to Uphold is from France and not from a different country? ie Passport

Thanks in advance.

Hi @kikiwally - thanks for your patience here. This should be resolved by tomorrow, possibly as early as later today.

yes I confirm all my identity documents are French I work and I have always lived in France.
have a good day

Hello again,
I just logged into my brave creator account and I was finally able to connect it to uphold.
Thank you very much you have unblocked my situation and I hope it will help other people in the same situation.
Thank you again Mr Steven


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