How do I select my country of choice since my country in currently not supported

I understand I can select any country of my choice during registration but I am not able to see that option. How do I do that?

How does the referral system works?

Can you elaborate more, @Obasisan?
I’m not entirely sure about your question.


Hi Brave,

I read somewhere (see one of my the attached screenshot) that I needed to change my country to either US, Germany, UK and others where the ads are available to maximize my earnings but I realized I couldn’t find anywhere I could make that changes.

Kindly see another screenshot saying “sorry, ads are not yet available in your region”.

I also needed to know if you have a referral program as part of this?

Kind regards.

Referral program is available for publishers, world-wide. You don’t need to change anything.

Also see

@Obasisan that is Brave Ads. Geo-restricted to supported countries.

Again, you don’t need to change anything. If your country is not yet supported, then you can wait until it’s supported. The team is working hard to add more regions support.

In this case I am not a publisher, how can I set my account to reflect US or other countries where this is approved?

What does it take to be a publisher.

Kindly answer all question please, that will be greatly appreciated.


Ok. Noted.

Who do you consider a publisher.

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