Accepted Countries

In what countries are Brave rewards earned for publishers? I know it was intially The US, UK, Canada, Germany and France but there was an email to publishers about publisher referral earnings for tiered countries.
Did that start? Are publishers rewarded for referrals for those lower tiered countries now? Thanks.

Sorry I see the rate changes are for December 1, 2019. So does that mean these new rates will only last one month since the referral program ends on December 31st?


Thank you for reaching out. We’re working hard to make sure Ads available to as many places as possible as soon as we can. At this time, Ads are currently available in:
Check and confirm that Brave Ads is currently available in your region. Currently supported countries and regions include:

  • :us: United States (US)
  • :uk: United Kingdom (UK)
  • :canada: Canada
  • :fr: France
  • :de: Germany.
  • Australia
  • Ireland

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