Question about resetting Brave Browser settings

I have a question about resetting the the Brave Browser on my Windows 10 desktop PC. I decided that I wanted to start fresh with my Brave Browser. After using one of the Brave Community forum threads for reference to learn about resetting Sites and Shield Settings, I decided to reset my browser by using the Advanced Clear browsing data option with all items selected and the Reset Settings option under the browser’s main Settings menu. I also factory reset the Brave browser on my Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone using the app clear data option. After the reset process was complete for the browsers on both my desktop PC and smartphone and I re-applied Brave browser syncing between both devices, I realized that I had left a web page open to the mentioned Brave community thread on the Brave browser on my desktop PC. As far as I could tell, the browsers on both my desktop PC and smartphone were properly reset, they synced correctly, and I logged back into my accounts on certain websites and services on both devices. I am sure that having the web page open had no impact on the reset process except maybe immediately populate the web page data sections that the Brave browser collects while browsing the web, but because of my unfamiliarity with many behind-the-scenes functions with web browsers, I just thought I would ask if having an open web page negatively impacts the Brave browser reset, sync, or any other important or vital processes of the Brave browser on my desktop PC or smartphone or any other brands of web browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome with similar functions. Thanks in advance.

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