Dear developer my analysis of the wallet issue

hello everyone

hope that everything going fine with you

from my humble opanion the issue of the wallet are as following

the unclaimed bat always work fine with me unless the last bug you had that display the number of bat in wrong way like display more bat than what i should have and i do not mind of that

the claimed bat i see when it been deposit by the company directly it recover as it should be (i have 17 bat lost the month before and steeven helped me and recoverd it ) so it always there when ii recover my wallet

this the first post that solved Missing bat after reinstall linux centos 8

the claimed bat that depoist by the reward system has issue that after recover the wallet there was 14.5 bat lost which i earned last month but since it was not despoit to my wallet directly by you so it does not show up when i recovered
and this the reappear of the same issue again

which show that only the 17 bat recovered but no the other 14.5

things to check for ddeveloper let say my issue fixed if i wait for 2 months so i had 2 claimed bat for 2 more months will they recovered or i will lost the last month of them or both months

i am thinking if the last month is the issue or if the issue with how i got the bat (deposited directly by you as before or by the system as a reward for ads)

one thing i am sure you now it that each time we reinstall the os or make a fresh install of brave we get a new wallet os if i install brave as fresh install now i will get a new wallet and it’s issued day is today so i think there issue about that the new wallet does not copy all the old wallet data

idk why you need to give us new wallet each time we reinstall brave but it’s your choice but the sync between wallet is not working as it should be

one more thing to check let us say i use the same wallet key in 2 pc which mean i should see the same bat in both system what will happen will they sync together or not check this maybe it clear some of the main issue

sorry for the long post but i hope that help you developer and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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another thing i checked the wallet internal log and found it say


so both the 17 and 14.5 in the log but i do not know why it only show only the 17 bat on the wallet and not the 14.5

hope that help also

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