BAT rewards lost

So my SSD died. At least thats my take so far while I try different things to try and get it working but in the meantime I contemplated what I actually lost in the process, Then I thought of my Brave browser BAT wallet that I did not verify yet/transfer tokens : / In the process of attempted recovery it seems my backups are not current. However I came across my recovery key for my brave browser wallet but upon completing the process it seems it only acquired the amount of BAT tokens that I had at the time of backup not the actual total current amount. Im very confused and im really hoping that my BAT tokens are not lost forever in the nethers. Any help is much appreciated thank you for your time.

Hi @gsxr1685 - thanks for reaching out. Can you DM me the email linked to your account? Thanks in advance!

Dm sent but no response is anyone able to help? Is it normal to not get your entire balance when using a recovery key that is outdated as in a year or more old? not getting even close to the amount I had

Thanks @gsxr1685 - taking a look at your DM now.

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Hello? trying to get in back in contact after DMing you the requested information.

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