Built-In VPN feature

Hello all, I’ve just recently found out about this community and I’m glad to participate and be part of it. While most of the posts that I’ve saw are way out dated like since 2019. I absolutely dig Brave and it is amazing with all the rewards and stuffs that most browsers don’t support.

I think the one thing that is amiss is an integrated built-in VPN. I hope this suggestion can be notice by the developers and as a user, I really appreciate the work that all of you have put in.

This is already available for iOS devices:

This will also be available for Android devices shortly (v1.39x) and Desktop in future builds.

Thank you for the prompt reply! I’m astonished… it’s probably like one of the fastest reply I’ve ever received my entire life. :sweat_smile: Appreciate that mate! Have a great day ahead! <3 @Mattches

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Yeah, me too. :grin: Lol.