Publisher Dashboard shows wildly different balances on each page reload


Every time I view the page, I see a different balance. I’m a new publisher, but my site’s been up for years. Minutes apart, the site shows me these different balances. The order seems to be random:

72.30 BAT
3.15 BAT
21.97 BAT

I have no idea which is correct, if any. The reports I can generate (including “all”) show no data at all.

If someone is actually going to work this, let me know and I’ll spend the time to create a full report with screenshots. But it seems like a lot of bug reports might not be acted upon.


Thanks for reporting @dogweather

cc @Asad for assistance here. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I checked out the repo, and saw that it’s Rails, which I do. If you all are down for accepting a Docker dev env configuration, I’d be happy to help with the project. (Here’s how I configure Docker: )

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