NOTICE for Publishers enrolled in Rewards


Hello Community Publishers!

Our Rewards team has informed us of a transactional issue on our end with respect to publisher payout. We seem to have overpaid some publishers due to some back-end miscalculations.

Subsequently, you may see a negative BAT balance due to an adjustment made today in order to correct this error. We will zero out all negative balances as a show of good will.

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any potential confusion this may have caused in the interim. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment here or message me (@Mattches) or @Asad directly.

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Can anyone give me just a few example of ‘verified’ publisher url? … I have about 40 BAT that I would like to check out small press users. thank you!



Was this also the problem for bat deduction? Because my balance went from 5k+ bat to 3,5k bat… And I know I should have more than 6k bat because I was testing brave browser and made few of deposits myself…



by default, the site the browser visit sent rewards monthly. only reader specifies this month only. I’ve never seen other than to be a verified publisher… so Hello publishing world! Are traditional market Exec. ‘missing’ or disregarding on this two cents? NEVER mind my question, I encounter some other developers site that takes BAT… cool !


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