BAT balance vanished after new site design

I just logged in to my publisher account and it looks like you’ve changed the site design a bit (e.g. there was a popup when I logged in asking me to select my deposit currency instead of the old dropdown menu, and it now has a ‘last deposit’ number the wallet section) But it also looks like balances are not displaying correctly any more since my nonzero balance is now showing as a zero balance.

The last time I logged in, a few days ago, I had a small BAT balance (about 40 BAT IIRC, definitely more than zero), but now the balance is showing as zero:

I guess this must be a bug in the new version of the site code?

Also, the ‘last deposit’ is not strictly accurate: the amount shows the total of all deposits that have been made ever to this account, not the last deposit, which was more like 118 BAT.

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Looping in @Asad for assistance.


+1 from me. Not completely vanished, Just decreased drastically. :smiley:


We are looking into this right now – looks like there was a bug in the Publishers back end. Will keep everyone updated.

Also, is something we haven’t mentioned in the past, but is now up and running. You can see the status of numerous issues, bug fixes, etc. there.

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Looks like the publisher site is back up, and it’s better but not perfect. It’s now showing a balance of about 35 BAT, which is better than zero, but the real balance should be around 45 BAT (I don’t remember the exact number but it was over 40 for sure a few days ago)

@DrewHoth I found out today that some adjustments were made to the payments calculation formulas. However, none of your BAT has been lost (the display on the Publishers dashboard is the only thing affected). You should get paid out next week as per usual – if not, let me know.

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@Asad Thanks for the update. So the display is wrong but the next payout will have the correct amount? Does this only affect BAT already collected? Will the display be correct going forward for any new contributions?

@Asad Just want to let you know that my balance already shows up. But like @DrewHoth mentioned, it’s not the exact amount like the previous one before maintenance. Will compare it with the statement.

And hoping that mine will be sent in the next payout. :slight_smile:

+1 and my balance still 0. The generated statement also give incorrect balance.

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