BAT Balance has become 0 - still not received in Uphold


Before (screenshot) — Current Contribution Balance

BAT Balance has become 0 (Before there was 1386.19 BAT), I have not received anything in my uphold account.

Now (screenshot) — Current Contribution Balance 0 BAT

But the BAT not yet showing up in my Uphold Account (therefore I’m not yet receive it in my Uphold Account).

Cc: @LaurenWags


Contact uphold regarding this and check your transactions. Did you manually do a transaction/withdrawl ?


Thanks… but my question for BAT Team… since suddenly my balance in Brave Payment Dashboard : 0 BAT…


HI @vikingkarwur

A couple other publishers have reported this too. We’re currently investigating this.



My balance @ publishers dashboard is reduced about 2 BAT. But not 0 yet. And not sent to Uphold too.


@eljuno - so to confirm, is your publishers dashboard showing a zero balance?



Not zero balance. It still show the balance at publishers dashboard. Only decreased about 2 BAT from total balance (compared from balance from a few days ago and today’s balance).


Thanks @eljuno - I’m asking the team to review this.



Hi @LaurenWags My balance @ publishers dashboard is 0 BAT since 24 March 2018 before that my dashboard is around 36.69 BAT. And until now isn’t sent to Uphold too


Thanks @Jemmynovy - I’ll share this information with the team.



@vikingkarwur - could you private message me some screenshots to help with investigating this?

We’re looking for:

  1. A screenshot of your publishers dashboard (make sure it shows the Uphold part)
  2. A screenshot of your Uphold dashboard (where it shows the various cards you have)
  3. A screenshot in Uphold after opening your profile > preferences (specifically we’re looking for the ‘currency’ piece.

Thank you!


Done. Thank you @LaurenWags


Hi @LaurenWags it almost 2 weeks now since I reported this.

Any good news ? Thank you!


As April 9, 2018


I pinged the team for an update, will share when I get one. Thanks for the reminder @vikingkarwur!



I’d also like to loop in @Asad on this one - he’s going to be helping out with Publishers Support (and other support related items too! :slight_smile: )



Hi @Asad - waiting a news for your side. Thanks.
Pass 3 weeks now!


Hi @vikingkarwur, your patience is super appreciated. I’ve reached out to our senior team and we should have more updates for you soon.


@vikingkarwur after doing some digging we’ve found there were some errors processing your transaction between Brave Payments and Uphold. You aren’t alone–we have a number of users experiencing this issue, unfortunately, but we’re working on making sure that you get your money. Please feel free to PM me for more details.


Sent! (PM) Please check! Thanks!