Publisher channel (Website & YouTube) confirmed verified, but still showing as unverified on front-end 48hrs+ later

Hi guys,

I’m seeing weird behaviour where channels that I have verified via (and are confirmed verified there!) are not showing as verified on the front-end of the respective channels - they still just show "Not yet verified. This creator has not yet signed up to receive contributions from Brave users. Any tips you send will remain in your wallet until they verify. "

OS: MacOS Mojave + Windows 10 1703 Build 15063.1631
Brave: v0.60.48 (Chromium: 72.0.3626.121)

Detailed step-by-step instructions:

  1. Completed verification steps via (on MacOS machine)
  2. Confirmed verification complete on (on MacOS machine)
  3. Navigated to my site ( expecting to see “Verified” (on MacOS machine)
  4. Step away from computer for a few days (2 or 3 to be a bit more precise)
  5. Return to work after long weekend, navigate to site again hoping to see “Verified” (Windows 10 machine)
  6. Do not see verified anywhere in shield, but still showing verified on
  7. Check YouTube channel as well (also verified) and noticed that the shield also shows “not yet verified” :frowning_face:

As you can see above - this is happening across multiple machines

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Aha! Thanks @hiqamig - clearly I need to search a little better!!!

I’ll try deleting the publishers_list and will see if that works :slight_smile:

Just visited my site (it’s about a week later now - maybe there was a Brave update in the past couple of days that purged my publishers_list???) and it’s showing as verified now so happy days - no need for manual intervention! Just needed to be a little more patient (was about a week total)

@hiqamig - I will mark your response as the resolver as I imagine that would’ve done the trick if I had needed it (plus it’s a useful link!)

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nice, gratz and +rep for use brave! :wink:

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