How to fix the "Not yet verified" bug

Have you completed all the steps necessary on the publishers dashboard to verify your site, but your site is still coming up as “not yet verified” in the Rewards panel? And has it been over 48 hours since you attempted verification?

If so, there is a known glitch with the Rewards panel–sometimes it fails to download the list of verified publishers. You can force the browser to re-download the list by deleting the “publishers_list” file in your Brave user files directory.

Locate the “publishers_list” file in your Brave user files directory. I’ve added the path to each file, based on OS:

OSX: /Users/[You]/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser-Development/Default

Windows: AppData/Local/ OR AppData/Roaming/ (look for a Brave folder; the file should be in there)

Linux: /.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser-Development/Default

The publishers_list file will be in one of these folders. Close all instances of Brave, delete the publishers_list file, and reopen the browser. Your site should come up as verified.

If you’re still having problems feel free to drop a line here in this thread.


I have several days waiting, I deleted my channel and placed it again and uploaded another video and nothing to verify me. I do not get that one either: publishers_list.
As I do?..

Have deleted the publishers_list under the user file directory with Brave closed.
Still does not work.
On BAT’s dashboard I can see my two websites verified but not so in the browser.

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same here i already add my channel last feb 9 2018 but still im not verify and i find the publisher list file its not there i dont see a publisher list.

@Asad thank you my friends had this issue with site

How is this fixed? On the dashboard I can see my website verified. Everything is updated. Yet on the mobile browser desktop browser still showing unverified?

I have logged into my brave rewards account and attached my youtube account and am verified on uphold. However, it still states that my channel isnt verified. what is wrong?

I’m having the same issue I go to my site YouTube channel and it don’t say its verified I’m on android. It says I’m verified in my account and has been about a week.

I’ve done your instructions but my account is not still verified
can someone please help me about this?

For Windows it was a little challenging to find the directory. Here’s the path I found publisher_list under.

C:\Users[you]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\publisher_list

OS Windows 10

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What about android? It keeps saying my YouTube isn’t verified

I’ve tried deleting the folder multiple time, double checked that its not running in task manager, but it’s been 72 hours and still not showing verified.

It shows they’re added (my Twitch and YouTube pages) on my rewards page though and all uphold stuff is verified.

@L0gan0ne could you send a private message of your link so I could check.

A real fix is on the way FYI. We’re aware that this is an issue for a number of publishers. Apologies for the trouble!

Sorry to be opening up this thread again but after sifting through all possible solutions I still have the above mentioned problem.
Cleared caches, double chekced SSL-verification, etc, etc…

1: I keep getting message website “not yet verified”;
2: I cannot find the file “publisher_list” OR “publishers_list” anywhere on my computer;
3: Please help me out and make me a happy man :slight_smile:

The URL in question is:

Many thanks in advance,

I have cleared all caches, deleted the ‘publisher_list’ from my Mac and reset my browser, but still every site I visit says ‘not yet verified’ despite them being on the list of verified sites. I am unable to leave tips. This includes my own two websites that I set up about a year ago. I even deleted the channel for one of the websites and just set it up again fresh about 12 hours ago to see if that would work via DNS, but it did not for my desktop Brave browser.

I’ve spent 5 hours trouble shooting, but no success. The good news is that I know that both my websites are verified because they both display as ‘verified’ via my iPhone Brave browser. The problem is with my desktop Brave browser.

It seems clear that the issue is with the desktop version of my Brave browser. How do I fix this as I can’t leave tips using it.

Hey @stryker2020, do any other Brave publishers show up as “verified” for you? Check, for example.

CC @steeven and @Mattches to follow up

No, none of them show up on the desktop browser as verified. I’m running 'Version 1.5.123 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)’ on my desktop.

I’m also getting this issue on Android 8 and the latest Brave browser. In my case the desktop browser sees my creator site as verified while the Android browser doesn’t (after 4 days). However, other sites (like Uphold) do show up as verified.