Project : Swift 3.x migration


This summer we have a pretty big overhaul to have our project brought up to the latest Swift version.

One of the first things we’ll need is a solid battery of tests to catch regressions as we migrate the app.

If you’d like to pitch in, leave a comment and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.



I can volunteer on testing it since I already test iOS :wink:


@Jacalz could you help me out with the test for iOS? I am trying to run the tests for this but I am having difficulty navigating the documentation. Maybe you could put up a video and I will try to emulate that. Please feel free to message me, thanks!


No, problem :hugs: I don’t really have a way to record my phone and a video take much time but I will kindly answer your questions if you have any :+1::wink: You can DM me those questions or you could ask them here so everyone can see :sunglasses:


I just want to confirm that the current version of the Brave iOS browser has not been upgraded which means I will have to drop back to Xcode 8 as opposed to Xcode 8.1. Thanks in advance!


I don’t use Xcode to get the beta, I got a link to install a profile on my phone and download Brave from the app wich the profile installed :wink: So I don’t know about Xcode sadly :sweat_smile::grimacing:


Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply!


Sorry I missed this. This reply is quite old. Currently Brave iOS is on Swift 2.3, which requires Xcode 8.2.1, while the latest version is 8.3.x. We are aggressively working on the migration, and should be caught up within the next couple of releases.