A gaping hole in Brave's "Sync" feature

Testflight user as of 15 minutes ago. No password sync yet?

I hate to be that guy, but do y’all how much Brave would blow up from a feature like this added? I’m sure considering Apple let’s y’all have keychain access on MacOS, that iOS woulda been a shoe-in.

With that said, let’s go over a few things.
I’m a dev, so I get what it’s like to beat my head off of code, proverbially, and feel like no progress has been made. But this feature should have been implemented well before Brave entered 1.x for any platform. Even Google is making it so you can cloud passwords in an instant, albeit I’m super sketchy using anything from the big G.

More isn’t needed from this. Just some minimal effort applied to the Testflight build of IOS’s Brave would be satisfactory. Or an actual date where us iOS users can have piece of mind with our data being only locally sided and transmitted encrypted to each of the devices on said sync chain.

What gives, brave? Do I gotta fork it myself from github and add it? Cause I will…


You can see the progress here https://github.com/brave/brave-ios/labels/Epic%3A%20Sync