bzcause it’s horrible to get the one app on your phone in Spanish and on the other ib German , i’m tired don’t rememner where i 've put those 24 words and cant log in now
Thank’s in advance for ant advice to do

don’t mind the typo’s because i’m really really need some sleep
i appreciate and find the intiative very nice and intelligent more so that i can use it on mu macOS’S as well is really dope

If you’re talking about the sync feature on Brave, it’s temporarily disabled due to crashing issues.

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Ok , thanks for the info.

It does work between them IOS devices , I used google translate to find my way till I had to scan a QR code but went automatically.

I didn’t tried yet on my pc (Windows) , so I won’t break my head about that till you release a fix . I hope you can offer language choise in the future as well.


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