iOS Beta - First release!

Welcome to the iOS Beta!

Our first version is 1.15 (build

You can find the latest Beta here :

Space in the Beta is limited, so please make sure you get in quickly!


That link takes me to the Apple TestFlight page, with no link to request the Brave Beta. I am a public-beta tester for Apple, AdGuard, and more. Would like to be able to test Brave’s iOS browsers.

@KaleoK Did you try opening on your iOS device? You should see the screen below and can just hit “Start Testing”.

This will open the TestFlight app and prompt you to join / install.

Is it still going? I did not back up or sync my data yet on my iPad with the beta version and it seems that the beta version expired already

Hi all!

I’ve been using the Brave IOS beta for quite some time on iPhone 11 pro max (v 13.4.1). Today the brave beta app will not open and it appears to be missing from testflight. Has the IOS beta ended or is this an issue on my end? Thanks!

I tried following the IOS beta link above to see if I had somehow been de-registered but it says that Brave is not accepting any additional beta users.

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