"Add Shortcut to Home Screen" vs "Install App"

Why do some pages in the Brave browser you can only “Install App” and not “Add Shortcut to Home Screen”? In general, I hate apps, and would rather just use the browser shortcuts. This is one example…

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If the website supports PWA then it will show up as Install App. This is not something controlled by browser something that is done on the website. Even on some sites if you don’t find Install App adding a shortcut still creates a PWA.

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What is PWA? All I want to do is use this page on the Brave browser through a shortcut on the home screen. Chrome allows me to do this without installing an app for each. Why can’t Brave? Brave wants to force us to use Chrome?

your not installing a app in the true sense of the word, what your doing is saving a website link to the home screen which is devoid of the browser clutter that you normally see when viewing a page in brave. eg: top tab bar

more info on PWA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_web_application

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