How to hide the Add to Home screen mini-infobar? (PWA)

According to Google itself I’m supposed to “have control” over PWA’s ‘Add to Home Screen’; specifically - disable it.

I do NOT want to see them:

… at the bottom or wherever (Brave Community seems to use some kind of “top” version), because I never use PWAs and even if I wanted to, I could add manually. /without those notifications that i always close.

= How can I disable “Add XYZto Home screen”, where XYZ stands for some website’s name.

It’s more of a Chrome issue but since Brave is built on top of the Chromium, why not ask here.

  • See the link. It’s for developers, not users; Maybe they didn’t give us, users, control over it? ;-( /they should have!


Nobody knows / any ideas? :frowning:

In the below screenshot, id like the bottom pop-up (‘Add Google Developers to Home screen’) to be disabled for all websites.

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