Profile passwords for specific shared devices

Hi everyone. I hope I haven’t missed something, but I’ve been looking through the settings for a way to add a password for specific browsing profiles. Right now, it seems you can have multiple browser profiles on a device, but there is nothing to keep others who share that device with you from going into your account with your settings.

I currently have 3 devices synced: My phone, my computer, and a computer at my worksite that I share with other people. It would be very nice if I could keep these devices synced but require a password for the work computer so that other people don’t get into my account when I’m not there. This feature would also make Brave an excellent choice for families who share a computer at home and don’t want to mix profile data or history or whatever else on that shared device, but still want to browse without entering a password every time on their personal devices. You could even take it a step further and have a “master user” on said device who can restrict access to certain things for ALL other users (good for parents of young children).

If anyone happens to have a workaround for this that I haven’t realized, do share it. Otherwise, I would love to see a feature like this in the future.