Brave profiles. Add password missing. This is serious issue for multiple users

Hi. My brave is used by three people and each have a different profile, but because there is no password we can see and use any profile we want. That’s serious issue. Secondly, minor fix could be possibility to upload own profile picture.
I have Linux Garuda KDE

No, the issue is you and the way you have done things not the browser. You are letting people use your computer and your OS user, that means they can see all your documents, downloads, and all your information, so the problem is not the browser.

You need to set up different accounts for everyone, so the browser can properly place user data for each member, and then nobody will have access to each other’s data.
Do the proper thing, stop using Browser Profiles like that and expecting the other people not to be able to see all your different data.

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HI. You have a point there. But… So Braves profile feature is pointless? Why is it there if it’s not meant to not be used for?
And actually I was writing in behalf of a friend which is not very technically oriented person.
Of course, I can do multiple accounts for her, no problem, but that was not the issue, the issue was Brave’s profile feature