Flagged accounts vs. VPN

There have been multiple posts lately concerning accounts being flagged and most seem to blame a VPN for the issue. I use a vpn everyday, all day on all of my devices without issue. So, in an effort to narrow down the issue for the community, I was wondering a few things. If you are flagged or have been flagged and have used a vpn, please contribute below.

  1. What VPN were you using when you were flagged?

  2. Were you using your VPN normally or using it to frequently change regions?

Running count:
Windscribe - 1
Proton - 1

  1. NordVPN (Never flagged)
  2. Normally. Connect to fastest server near me. Never connect to different regions.
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@Herrvader Just turned my vpn on. Will provide information if I get flagged. Keeping my fingers crossed that my experience is the same as yours! :smiley:


Yeah, guys good experiment

@Chocoholic Let me know what happen


I’ve been a Brave browser user for over 1 year and always have VPN enabled due to my country’s strict piracy laws. During this time, never noticed any changes to how Brave Rewards presents me with ads or my account being flagged. I also have used a variety of different VPN providers in the past: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, IPVanish, etc… I currently use ExpressVPN and i’m connecting from Europe to mostly other countries in Europe and the US.

I think if users are being flagged is due to their own suspicious activity with Brave Rewards enabled and not VPN being the culprit. Brave browser has the privacy of their users at the forefront so it would be dumb to restrict VPN use in some way.


The problem is not the VPN at all.
If you downloaded directory ads without VPN,and during the day you will use a browser with VPN,then there will be no problems. But if you repeatedly download directories via VPN, it increases the risk of being blocked

My account has been flagged for months. I Use a VPN (japan, netherlands)(proton vpn) not getting pop up ads but still getting main page ads. MY THESIS is i was flagged for syncing 5 devices. (2 main computers, 2 laptops and a phone. not sure why id be flagged for that

The limit is only 4 devices per wallet. You may not be blocked)

That is my assumption as well, but if there is an actual issue, I’m curious to find out what it is. Especially if it happens with certain VPN’s over other VPN’s and if there is a bunch of region hopping.

Flagged since December.

1 Windscribe
2 Usage is about once or twice a month, on a server in the same country as my actual.

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Not flagged but I always use a VPN on one of my PCs, set to my own region. Occationally I have to change to another local region if the speeds slow but generally had a good experience with a VPN, no issue with ads here

In fact I just got an ad for ‘the best VPNs to use with brave browser’ lol


Just to clarify, you are changing your region back and forth between Japan and Netherlands?

not back and forth, im usually in japan region.

oh thats interesting, i missed that memo of only 4 devices. is that in the fine print?

I wonder if (Uphold/Gemini) accounts are being flagged by Brave because those accounts all have 4 (or more) Brave rewards profiles linked and all of them are active daily receiving BAT and somehow that triggered Brave’s detection for fraudulent bot use? If someone is always actively browsing on all of their devices 24/7 seeing ads that would definitely seem suspicious despite Brave limiting how many ads you can be delivered per day.

I wouldn’t think this would flag your account either. Five devices and multiple profiles synced doesn’t seem unreasonable. However, having the browser open at the same time on all devices with intermittent activity, constantly changing profiles, and jumping around vpn locations might be… could be an indication of trying to milk ads…

Just wondering, have you tried removing a device and/or profiles from the sync chain to see if your account(s) get unflagged? If you think that is the reason, might be a way to test.

Unless you are part of the test group for removing linking limits, you shouldn’t be able to link more than 4 accounts to a custodial provider. Unless you meant 4 with Gemini and 4 with Uphold? I would think this was suspicious activity too.

Of course, as an example, someone could own a business and have all their employees using Brave on company devices and depositing BAT into the owner’s account(s). I don’t know if this is against Brave ToS or not. Could be a gray area. Could get your account flagged. I don’t have an opinion about this, would have to really think about it. And read the ToS again, ugh. Just don’t have the want to. lol

Interesting thought process. Of course, we are never going to know what the criteria is for getting flagged. Which is as it should be imo. I don’t think the majority of users are trying to game the system, but I do think there are those individuals (and groups) whose soul purpose for using Brave is just that. It has to be difficult for Brave to set flagging criteria to catch the bad actors knowing that some who are not trying to game the system are going to be caught in the net!

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Update: Well, I think 3/4 profiles are flagged (or at least not getting ads/earnings) on my Release version. lol I don’t think it has to do with vpn though. I think it was because I had 4 instances of the browser open at the same time and was bouncing between them. The weird thing is I am not getting a “flagged” message and I could disconnect and reconnect to my custodial account with no problem. Don’t know what that is about. I wonder if Brave is changing up ads delivery and disabled something…

I am not receiving notifications or inline ads on the 3 profiles. I do receive NTP ads (rarely) but do not earn BAT for viewing or clicking. Started on the 14th and still ongoing. Waiting to see if ads start back up without me doing anything as far as submitting a support request.

Still receiving NTP and notifications on Beta and one other profile on Release version, but no inline ads. Leaving vpn on because I don’t really think that has anything to do with my current situation. Besides, I like having vpn on! Guess I’ll be using Beta for a while if I want to earn me some BAT. lol

Update2: Uhm… went and checked some of my vpn settings and had the ad blocker on… now I am wondering if that was causing a problem… bah. I disabled that in the vpn but now won’t be able to tell one way or the other what was likely happening if ads start up! Sheesh. lol

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Really posting a video for awareness on how or why a profile can be flagged is Bad?. I hope you run out of countries to flag or ban. Maybe launch your services on the moon and ban the entire earth so no one cheats your system