Problems with uphold verification to get the rewards

I’m having this problem while trying to connect my uphold account, i used this same uphold account in december while i was using windows 11, but then i formated my computer and started using brave with windows 10, it seems that brave isn’t allowing me to link to the same uphold that i used before.

it looks like you are missing some verification requirements from Uphold. Please reach out to Uphold support for information on what documents/information is needed to complete verification.

Ok, thank you :slight_smile: i’m going to contact them and return the feeback

Now i’m getting another error, the support from uphold told me i didn’t verify 2 the 2 step, but now i’m getting this error i even tried to remove brave from authorized applications with uphold but that didn’t work out

If you are from PH and Vietnam sadly this countries are banned from getting those rewards.

It does nothing when you deauthorized from uphold. This is a Brave issue they’re trying to fix. In the meantime you can do this:

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