I can't verify Brave

Mr. Brave I would like to know if there is a possibility that my 4 verifications that I have on my devices between Brave and Uphold may be reset since these 4 devices with windows systems were stolen from my home, and for this reason I cannot link my recently acquired equipment to Brave browser rewards. I already managed to unlink in Uphold now I need you to do the same. Thanks!!

Unable to re-verify wallet - Brave Rewards / Rewards Support - Brave Community

Also, according to brave team, there will be some changes to 4 device limits. In next year, user will be able to unlink their devices on their own.

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El problema es que no puedo desvincular porque mis dispositivos fueron robados de mi domicilio el cual ya no estan bajo mi reguardo por tal razon recurro a ustedes para la desvinculacion de los mismos

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