Problems with HDR when watching videos

When I watch YouTube or somthing similar the video gets oversaturated and looks very ugly. It only happens with Brave, not with Firefox.
I have a Nvidia RTX 3090 and a fitting ASUS HDR monitor. At first everything worked, after some kind of update I think the problem came up. I am not sure whether it was a Brave update or a Windows update.
I have already looked for a solution to this problem via the Windows HDR settings, but there were no settings that could solve the problem. Maybe someone already knows the problem and the solution, maybe this is an entirely new problem that didn’t came up until now.

Brave v 1.58.137

Windows 11, 12700K, RTX 3090

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@HiAnonym Brave vs Firefox is not a good comparison. You would have to look at Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge, or some other Chromium browser.

A lot of people have been reporting issues using Nvidia. It seems not to be playing nicely at all times, especially with Brave. Some have fixed issues by renaming as chrome.exe or so when it comes to Brave.

However, bulk of things have been getting fixed from people resetting 3d settings or looking through Nvidia in general. You can check out a variety of links I’ve provided in regards to this at Issues with latest release- youutbe and text - #4 by Saoiray

Thank you! So my solution was completely uninstalling the Nvidia driver and then reinstalling it. After that I restarted my computer and reset the driver with Win + Ctrl + Shift + B. Then everything worked.
Also it wasn’t a Brave related problem but a Chromium related problem.

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