HDR Issuses (Bug)

I have two monitors, one is an internal laptop monitor which is not hdr and an external hdr monitor. Recently, I suspect with the last update, while using my external hdr monitor (youtube, video games, etc) and browsing the web (on Brave) on my normal sdr laptop monitor, the laptop sdr monitor will try to show everything in hdr, which results in odd contrast in websites (including this one). The only way to fix this is to stop using windows hdr in the display settings. I have had my hdr monitor since the spring and this issue has only been occurring within the last week.

Windows 10 21h2, Version 1.40.109

Does it occur in Chrome? I don’t believe we change anything from chromium here @WritingWriter87


Maybe something at the following, will help . . .

@WritingWriter87 , @fanboynz

HDR / SDR Issue - BUG - was in Chromium.

Latest Brave Browser Stable Release for desktop v1.40.113 includes Chromium fix.

Specific commit at Google Git, for Chromium, details:


HDR/Windows: SDR displays must have 80 nits

For tone mapping, I changed Windows to treat SDR displays as being 203 nits.

What I didn’t think through in doing this is that SDR displays will use HDR pixel formats, and when they do, setting the SDR white level to 203 nits will result in everything being 2.5x brighter than it should be.

Change the logic to not override the SDR white level for non-HDR displays. This will go back to the default value of 80. Also do not compute the HDR max luminance for non-HDR displays.

Add a TODO to not use HDR formats on non-HDR-capable displays.

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