Problems with favorite features on iOS

This is a problem we have had before.
When I clear a Brave tab and the tabs become one, or when I add a tab, there is problems with the favorites displayed at that time. At this time, the favorite display is often blank.

I can’t solve it by clearing the tab at this time. I can’t solve it by deliberately adding a tab and clearing the tab. Rebooting Brave can’t solve the problem. I can be lucky if I repeat them several times.

And it may be a similar problem. I can’t go to the site by touching my favorite icon. This solution is the same as before.

When this favorite blank display problem occurs, when a new tab is added, the favorite is displayed without any problem. But only the first tab is left blank. This happens in both Wi-Fi and 4G connected.
This favorite feature is important because bookmarks are inconvenient.

Brave 1.11.3(, iOS 12.4, iPhone SE

Hi @izacks,

Thanks for posting. Taking a look at this now and trying to reproduce.

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