Favicon problem

Thank you for Dev. Ver.1.9 is a nice update.
There is one clear anomaly. The icon (favicon) display is unstable in the “Favorites” icon catalog displayed when a new tab is created. It is a site favicon, or the first letter of the site name, or it is blank.

iOS 12.2 , iPhone SE

@izacks The favicon should not be blank. It should be a site favicon or first letter of the site.


The site where the favicon is blank on Brave itself is favicon. It was displayed correctly until Ver.1.8. Even if I recreate my favorite, it remains blank.

I also feel the change in behavior. Every time I make a tab, Brave reloads my favorites every time. Brave does not do this before.

@izacks Here is the issue logged for blank favicons.


It looks like it is similar and not similar. I have not changed my favorite site name. Of course I have neither edited nor added. Three patterns for me. Normal favicon, first letter of site name, blank. All sites have a normal favicon. It could be displayed without any problems up to Ver.1.8.
Even if I re-create the site of the favorite icon (normal favicon, one letter, blank), it changes to the same icon again. At any site. Sites that can display normal favicon show favicon. The first first character site is the first first character. Blank site is blank. It is no use revising me. I have no choice but to give up my favorite screen icon.

@izacks Is blank favicon issue reproducible consistently? If so, can you please paste the steps here so that we can add the same in the issue.


I updated to 1.9 and faced this problem right after opening a new tab. I also installed the iPhone5s Brave ver.1.9. Then the same problem was reproduced on iPhone5s.

This symptom did not occur with iPad Air2(iOS 12.2).
I newly installed Brave on iPhone5s(iOS12.2). iPad Air2 has been in use for some time and has not been updated. It was an update from Ver. 1.7. iPhone SE was an update from Ver. 1.8.
In the case of iPhone 5s, I made a favorite in order. I confirmed this problem while creating favorite.

I am not sure I follow the issue correctly. Could you may be take screenshot and share. But here’s my understanding.

  • If a site has a favicon it will show the favicon
  • Some site would default to the letter when added as a favourite
  • If a site doesn’t have a favicon it will be blank

Not sure i understand this statement correctly. Can you share screenshot and point what exactly this means?

The site has a favicon. However, it does not appear in favorites, but it does appear in bookmarks. When I created the tab, I didn’t behave like reloading my favorites list.

I did screen recording on the iPhone.
I newly installed Brave (1.9.1) on the iPhone 5s.
I have not changed Brave’s settings at all.

1: Create favorite. Brank version.

  1. I accessed yahoo.co.jp. *Redirect to m.yahoo.co.jp.
  2. I create a favorite from the action menu.
  3. A favorite is added to the seventh (last).
  4. I changed the name of my favorite item.
  5. I create a yahoo bookmark.
  6. The bookmark list has a favicon.
  7. I once deleted favorite(yahoo) and created my favorites again.

2: First character version.

The actions I have done are the same. Although this site has a favicon, the name is the first letter of the site name.
  1. I accessed www.as-web.jp/f1.
  2. I create a favorite from the action menu.
  3. A favorite is added to the eighth (last).
  4. A favorite icon is generated by the favicon “A”.
  5. I create a Autosport bookmark.
  6. The bookmark list has a favicon.

Ok I now see the problem. My understanding is the site favicon is quite small which is why is showing up when adding the bookmark as the size of bookmark icon is way smaller than favourite. And since the favicon is small enough that stretching it would make it pixelated its showing the first site letter there.

May be @michal can give a better explanation/resasoning for this

Thanks for the very detailed response and steps to reproduce. It greatly helps with debugging.

  1. Definitely looks like a bug, there is a favicon in bookmarks and in tabs but not for favorites
  2. We do like @sriram says, if the favicon is of too low quality we use a fallback, usually a letter on a colored background. However I think if the favicon is good enough for a bookmark, it should be sufficient for favorites as well. I need to recheck that

I added ticket for it here https://github.com/brave/brave-ios/issues/1030, we will look into this shortly

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This looks marked fixed but it’s still happening to me with new install today.

I recently got into trouble with the “Favorites” display. Previously, when all tabs were deleted, favorites were displayed automatically. It appears blank now quite often. However, it seems that something is being read. The progress circle in the status bar is moving. Is the favorite screen reloaded every time, not from the cache?

As for this favorite display, when it is Wi-Fi connection, each is displayed gradually. However, at the time of 4G connection, it will be displayed slowly and sparsely.

Brave is a great browser on iOS. But this favorite (slow / not smooth) display makes the impression heavy.

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