Fix of Favorites window, thanks, but SERIOUSLY?

I opened Brave this morning and saw you had fixed the favorites window to show all the Icons. Thank you, this was a feature I had posted about along with many others.

But SERIOUSLY, you can’t check screen size before organizing the Icons? Did you even test on an IPad or other larger screen device? The Icons only occupy the left 1/2 of the device…Or I’m doing something wrong. Open to suggestions other than someone who coded it was lazy

My main beef with Brave which as caused me to go back to Chrome. To me in this day and age regardless of how streamlined you want to be there is a minimum of simple to find user friendly ways to add or delete the icons that one uses on a regular basis. Moreover the new addition of the Brave rewards window in quite annoying. I have no interest and if I did I should have a small drop down menu that brings it up. How pray tell is this an improvement on the Chrome browser?

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