Problems setting up brave sysnc

I recently started using brave and I just installed it on a second window 10 computer.
And I’m trying out brave sync so I don’t have to setup everything on that second computer.
But it doesn’t seem to work. When I start a new tab it doesn’t look the same as on the first computer. It still looks default and I don like that.
Does this just take time for it to sync, or do I need to set this up manually.
This is my first experience using a sync feature on a browser and so far it’s disappointing :frowning:

What do you mean by it doesn’t look like the first computer?
If you mean URL shortcuts then yeah, sync doesn’t currently support syncing of this.

I manually setup some “favourites” and I disabled the background artwork for new tabs. And I expected this to sync to the second pc. But it is still default after a couple of hours.

@uberprutser new tab page settings, Rewards, etc don’t sync between devices.

That is disappointing. How about other user configured sittings, like deleting of cookies, brave rewards and wallet?

To be honest, I’ve never personally paid much attention between which settings get shared. Rather than just guess at it, I will tag @Mattches in to see if he might be able to help specify what is synced when we choose to sync settings.

I normally would not use a sync option on either firefox or edge (I refuse to use chrome :slight_smile:
But now that I’m trying it out with brave sync, I find it rather underwhelming.
I just kept a tab open on my laptop expecting to see it on my desktop (in another room)
but it’s not there. And I’m syncing everything at the moment.

It doesn’t just open tabs. What it does is show open tabs from other devices in places like history on desktop. For example:

So here on my Desktop it shows me recent tabs but then also shows what’s open on my iPhone. That’s what the tab sync does. And on iPhone, would be something like below (this page was only open tab on my Desktop):

I guess I was expecting too much :slight_smile: I’ll try to use it that way, but to be honest I almost never use the browser history.

Yeah, all good. It’s just part of that on Desktop. Then on iPhone it’s kind of hidden away in the area where you switch tabs. Then on Android it’s in Recent Tabs or something like that under the hamburger menu.

It’s kind of crazy how they don’t have things more uniform across platforms. It makes it difficult when trying to provide information to people or figure out what’s going on.

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