Can brave sync tabs between computers?

Can one set up Brave to sync tabs (from one primary computer) to all other computers you use?

Yes, Brave Sync have an option to sync tabs.

can you maybe upload a screenshot to where i would find this option on iOS please

Open the Menu, go to Settings → Other Settings → Sync .

Ah!! Did you mean tab sync on iOS @UltraViolet ? Not available yet. iOS only support bookmarks sync ATM and the team is working to add other data sync.


i know :joy: :innocent: :grinning:

is there any kind of timeline for iOS tab syncing support?

No ETA for tab sync yet. :sweat_smile:

Is there any timeline for this on Android? There seems to be a mix of yes/no around the site/forum/etc, but it’s not working for me. History and some bookmarks have synced from my phone to the laptop, but none of the tabs transferred at all.

The possibility to sync open tabs should be available on Android as per the support article below.

If you can’t figure it out yourself, it would be the best to open your own thread so someone could look into your issue specifically.

Well, I actually got some of it to work, found an old reddit thread.

After sync is all set, on PC go to History, then there’s a menu bar on the left that has “Tabs from other devices”. However, only about 27/130+ showed up. Not most recent, or oldest. Just randomly scattered from the open tabs on the phone.

Then the triple dot thing on the… right… has an option for “open all”, but again, it only pulled thoe same 27, not the full window.

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