Problems logging in on Google and Shopify

So recently I’ve just not been able to log in to Shopify on Brave, it works on any other browser except brave. Whenever I log on I get redirected to a site saying “Due to an unexpected technical problem, Shopify is temporarily unavailable. Please check back in a few minutes – we’ll be up and running in no time!” and it’s been like this for weeks, and now recently when I try to log in to Gmail, it tells me to delete cookies and clear the cache, but no matter how many times i do it, it still doesn’t work.
How can I fix this?

**Brave Version: 1.44.112

Could you try with shields down ?

yup I’ve tried that. it still doesn’t work

Could you try the same in a private window ?

Both Gmail and Shopify works on private window

That makes me think that something is wrong with the profile.

Hi. Could you go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData?search=advanced
and then for Time range select All Time. That will clear all cookies and browsing data. This works most of the time.

It doesn’t work, I’ve cleared all cookies and browsing data multiple times with the Time Range: All time, and it still doesn’t work. But I can login to shopify and google with no problem on both Firefox and Edge, so it seems like the issue is in Brave

Could you disable 1 extension at a time and doing this till you’re done with all extensions and check if any of them is causing the issue?

Thanks, it seems to be the “HTTPS anywhere” extension that’ve caused this. Now I can log on both google and shopify

Great. Glad that I could help!

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