Google Services/Logins No longer work with Brave

Since the 2nd to latest update (earlier this week) was installed, I have not been able to access google services (namely Gmail, Drive, Youtube) or use sign in with google (trulia, poshmark etc.) Each time the page refreshes showing that no login has been performed, or in the case of Gmail, I get an error 400. I have cleared ALL browsing data from Brave, run the latest update and even disabled shields (which I had not touched prior to seeing this error for the first time in years of using Brave) with no success.

Has anyone else encountered this issue, is it known to brave? can anything be done by us users or Brave to fix said issue? I love using this browser over every other out there but can’t afford to have this much downtime with Gmail in addition to the inconveniences with the other services and sites I use Goog to log into.

This is a known issue that we’re still working out. However, users have been able to resolve it by lowering shields on the login page and the 400 error page:

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