Shopify – Can't log into account

Recently I have been unable to log into any of my Shopify accounts using Brave.
Every attempt results in the same result.

I’ve cleared the cache, browser history, and I’ve rebooted the browser.

I’ve turned the Shield off, as well as turning it on and enabling all cookies and all fingerprints.

I have no issues with Shopify using Chrome, FireFox Developer, Regular FireFox and Safari.
Brave is my daily driver yet it will not allow me to connect to Shopify.


Does private-mode help?

No idea. I’ve never used Private Mode. I have no idea how to put it into Private Mode.
And it worked fine, forever, without Private Mode.

Web Compatibility can assist you in this matter.

I’m not really interested in learning about Privacy Mode. I would like Brave to go back to operating as it had been, that “mode” being correctly.

Brave is made from Chrome, which has no issue with Shopify.

I tried my best with Brave, maybe I just need to go back to using another browser. I have 4 others installed.

Attempted to signup to test, but not easy to replicate. Trying a new profile (or in Brave Beta/Nightly). Or reaching out to shopify to see if they know.

Shopify only suggested clearing the cache (done) or deleting the history (done).

I manage 3 different Shopify accounts and I can’t log into any of them using Brave. Which leads me to believe that it is not a Shopify issue. Especially since I can access all Shopify accounts using the other 4 browsers I have installed.

Was able to log into Shopify AFTER I created a New Profile.

So, how do I fix the original profile, OR Switch to a new profile?

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