I not seeing Brave Ads, was working fine

My brave browser was working fine but recently it stopped showing ads, can I get some help? some notes:

-I receive them on my mobile and they work fine on

  • I had focus assistance disable, but now I am not sure if I should disable them or leave it with the option as a priority, what is the best option?
  • when I change focus assistance to “off” it seems that disable but after some time it goes back to “Focus assistance” while when I click if moves to “Focus assistance off”
  • I think I added a language in the keyboard, not sure if this could have broken the brave ads

I have checked a lot of articles about this, but I still did not solve the problem

thank you

is anyone able to help? I have spoke with some persons from Europe and different countries that they are having the same issue, did something happen to the brave ads?

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