Problem with Youtube Community

Hi guys, when I’m trying to share a video on my youtube community through Brave Browser, I get a message to login to my Youtube account, that doesn’t lead me anywhere. The same happens when I’m trying to change my Youtube channel banner in Brave Browser. It is something that can be done ? It’s not that bad of an error, but it would be nice to able to use the Youtube community on Brave. Thanks in advance for response.

Hi @Emisor5,

Thanks for reaching out! A few questions to help me take a closer look.

What Version of Brave are you running?
Does the issue only present itself with Shields up? Or shields down as well?

Thanks in advance!

Latest version.
Windows 10 1903
Shields Up

Do you mean this only happens with shields up?
I just tried changing my channels banner to test this and I encounter the same issue as you.
However the problem resolves itself when disabling shields, at least in my case. Could you try that too?

Ok, I’ll try. Thanks.

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