Uphold does not see Brave BAT balance correctly


There’s a major discrepancy between my Brave Rewards balance and the balance displayed in Uphold for this wallet:

The balance in my Brave browser is not from grants (I spent those grants a while ago, and then deposited my own BAT). Uphold is connected and the wallet itself is verified.

Did anyone else face such an issue?
I would appreciate some advice.

This is the problem with everyone, my friends are exactly the same. The brave team is silent! There is clearly a problem with their system! :cold_sweat:

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Thanks mate! Good to know this occurs not only to my Brave wallet.

BTW, it has just came to my mind this issue may be related also to Uphold, not only Brave…

Anyway, I started using Brave even before v.1.0 was released. Since then, it improved very significantly. So I hope this trend sustains, and the rewards wallet sync issue will also be eventually solved.

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