Problem with new tab

i described the problem here including a screenshot

i would say, something changed, I noticed the same in nightly version few days ago, yesterday in dev version and today, blank screen is in beta version as well (live version is okay so far)

Don’t think it is related to Versions, my second profile on beta is working regularly without any problems.

thats right, I have tried to create new profile and everything is fine there, I’m not sure now but, maybe in case you create new profile, profile is created with some default settings (and existing one have something changed in settings what can couse such behaviour)
as I mentioned before, this change started in nighty version and was ported to dev and now in beta as well


But i’ll tell you what, i went to sleep everything was alright, slept for a few hours, woke up and started my PC and bamm! doesn’t work anymore, definitely strange as i have not changed a single setting.

I woke up today, the next day of the problem, it was suddenly fixed, what the heck?

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