Problem with media keys

I recently noticed there were a couple of issues with Brave. One of them may be built as a feature but it’s an issue for me.
(1) The media key specifically the play/pause key “►” on my keyboard controls the media in the browser. For example, if YouTube is open in my browser and I hit the play/pause key on my keyboard, it plays/pauses that YouTube video. I prefer to use that key to play/pause media I’m playing from another app like Spotify or VLC. If both Spotify app on the PC and YouTube on Brave are open at the same time, the play/pause key on the keyboard overrides and controls the media played in Brave. Is there a way to disable this in Brave? If such a feature doesn’t exist, it should be implemented as a feature.
(2) I’m not so sure about this one whether it’s a bug in Brave browser or the extension I’m using. I use this extension called Forest and it asks me to reload whenever I open a new tab and it stops functioning. It works fine in when the tab is a new tab or when there’s no URL in the bar. but whenever I open a new link it shows this drop shadow and makes me reload the entire site to work.
When asking to reload: rel
When working: w

This is Brave Version 0.62.51 on Windows.

Thanks for reaching out!
This has come up quite a few times recently – remember to try and search for your issue before posting :slight_smile:

To resolve the media key issue:

  1. Type brave://flags into the address bar
  2. Search for a flag called #enable-media-key-handling
  3. Disable the flag and relaunch the browser when prompted.
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Great. Thank you for that. What about my second issue?

Testing on my end, using both Win10 and macOS, Forest extension seems to work without issue. I tried clicking the extension in the current tab, previously opened tabs, new tabs, and on the new tab page with now URL in the address bar.

Is there any way you could share a short recording of the behavior as you see it on your end?

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