Age limit to Hearn bat

Since the only available wallet in my country that connects to brave browser (uphold) requires a minimum age of 18 years old does that mean that I won’t be able untill I’m 18 and I have access to uphold?

If you’re speaking about earning for yourself, pretty much the answer is yes. They may add more partners other than Uphold in the future. But it doesn’t matter if it’s Binance, Uphold, or others…they require you to be the age of 18 (or have parental consent, in some cases). This is a lot of nonsense about rules and regulations by governments and the idea that people under 18 can’t be held to contracts.

That said, you can participate in Rewards and see ads, where BAT you earn will be automatically given to Creators based on how much you interact with their sites. You just won’t see a tally for it and won’t have any direct control of the BAT in that process.

Ok. Thank you for your answer, I will probably stop using brave browser then. The whole reason to download it was because of the possibility to earn bat

What I did was to make an Uphold account using my parents ID since I’m not 18 as well. You could do that if your parents agree to do so.

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Was going to suggest the same thing. A number of youths I know are doing this, and the good thing was, it got their parents into BAT/crypto too!

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My parents aren’t really into crypto, but I’ll give it a shot. Thanks to everyone for the help

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