Age requirements for withdraw?

Do you need to be under 18 to be able to withdraw to uphold? I’m only 14 and I would like to be able to make money to…


you can use your parents uphold kyc verified account for this

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They wouldn’t give up their ID probably not even their full name…
(I reposted this because I didn’t reply to the message you sent)

is there any other method?

I think their is no method because minimum age for kyc is 18 years thats why

When you say kyc what are you referring to? Uphold?

kyc = Know Your Customer…uphold needs this verfication …which require government id card…without uphold you cannnot withdraw any bat from brave

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plus what @Punkboy said

the other way that you keep your bat on your browser built-in wallet and wish that nothing bad happen to your device like crash and need to reinstall till you get the 18 years old or if you have older brother/sister or someone you know in real life who had creator account then you tip him/her with all your bat and then when he/she cash it you take it from him/her

remmber there will be fees for that i think it will be 5% that taken from your tip plus the network fees which he/she will know how much it cost

and have a nice day both of you


I love that answer, but I was wondering, is it possible to send BTC when you use the built in wallet. I doubt it can convert the BAT…

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