Account linking problems

Hello, I live in France and just created an uphold account(supported region) to link to brave rewards. If i click on “Connect account” the window with “choose an account provider” pops up with Uphlold and gemini as the options. However, when i click on either one of them nothing happens and i can’t follow with the account linking. I tried inspecting elements to look for a hidden redirection button, but didn’t suceed in finding one. Does anybody know what might cause the issue or how i can resolve this?

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? (Menu --> About Brave)
Debian Linux and 1.57.53 chromium 116.0.5845.114
Who is your verified custodian? (Uphold/Gemini/bitFlyer)
Are you in a supported region?

Try restarting the browser and the device ?

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